I offer private coaching either in my office in Burlington, Vermont or via Video to support my clients in the areas of Leadership Development and Career Transitions. 

Leadership Development:

Leadership Coaching helps you develop the skills and emotional intelligence necessary to be a new kind of leader. The kind of leader that works smarter, not harder; that knows how to motivate others; that knows how to care for themselves and their team; that can create a vision for the company and convey that in a meaningful manner. Test your ideas in the safety of the coaching relationship, giving yourself the dry-run that makes a difference.

Leadership Coaching is individual to each leader. Together, we could assess your strengths and get feedback from your team through a 360 degree leadership report. Then we work together to tailor the coaching engagement to bring you the most value. 

We also discuss how to gain strategic support, how to create powerful networks, to learn to celebrate your achievements. Having someone outside of the business who understands the pressures and opportunities can make all the difference to getting ahead.

Career Transitions:

Navigating career transitions is exciting, but its also complicated and scary. It forces us to ask many questions about our strengths and weakness, greatest hopes and dreams, and what we think we're “worth.”

In my experience, even high achievers get stuck in the face of these questions. Or, perhaps worse, they lower their expectations. 

I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. 

Career transitions are complicated for other reasons - what is the best way to write a resume and cover letter that truly captures my experience and capabilities? How do I negotiate salary? Is it possible to find a dream job? If so, how?

Through one-on-one coaching, strengths assessments, and in-depth personalized “counseling,” I can help you identify and find work that captures your excitement while achieving your financial and work-life goals. 

Let's work together:


Please request a 15-minute introduction meeting using. 


People who are interested in changing patterns typically commit to a series of weekly or biweekly sessions.