Senior Designer at Turner Broadcasting

Joanne is an excellent and resourceful career coach. She goes above and beyond to help her clients reach the next level in their career. She's always available to lend an ear and offers genuine advice regarding obstacles at work and how to overcome those situations. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in her clients and helps them bridge the gap to the next level in their career, whether it's tips on negotiating a higher salary or help with finding a new job and the interview/ application process. Anyone would be lucky to have a person like Joanne who can offer support and guidance throughout a clients career journey to a better work life.


Scrum Master at ITX Corp.

Joanne recently helped me navigate through an interview/negotiation process and I can't imagine having done it without her. Her feedback was professional and helped give me the confidence I needed to make an important decision. If you're looking for someone to help you through a career transition or to develop leadership skills, Joanne is a great choice. I plan to use her throughout my career and truly can't recommend her enough.


Marketing And Publicity Assistant at Hachette Book Group

Joanne has helped me with a career transition and she has been truly amazing support and full of incredible advice. With Joanne’s help, I revamped my resume, website, cover letters, and honed my interviewing skills. Joanne has been amazing support every step of the way throughout my transition, she even pulled over her car while driving on vacation to call me and give me advice. I can’t stress enough how helpful she has been and I will definitely continue to work with her throughout my career. I highly recommend her coaching!


Associate Content Strategy Editor at Refinery29

I really want to just give you an enormous THANK YOU for your wonderful advice and encouragement!

The biggest kicker in all of this is that apparently they were already through their interview process and had actually decided on a candidate, then my resume and cover letter showed up in the office and made them put on the brakes and give me a chance. Now I have a killer job with my dream company, which I honestly didn't think I'd be able to say ("dream company"?!) at 27. So really, thank you thank you thank you!


Sr. Designer, Meredith Corp.

Joanne and I met in 2012 when I was her intern at Ever since she has been an amazing mentor/sponsor and my go-to person when it comes to career advice (and occasionally financial advice). She always pushes me towards growth, and I love that about her! Her background in project management and her GSD (Get Stuff Done) attitude are great compliments to her Career Coaching. She knows the steps necessary to make it happen. She connected me with my current role as Senior Designer at Meredith Corp. and helped me work through the nitty gritty details from preparing for my interviews through negotiating. I am infinitely grateful for her help and I could not recommend her enough! She is one bad ass lady.

ERIC Newbury

Founder, Classify Registration

When I was considering a big unexpected move, Joanne sat down with me to walk through the decisions ahead. She helped me to believe that all my aspirations for the future were attainable, and broke down the steps required to get there. She could speak from experience in her own career, but it was also clear that she had done her research in the topics we discussed.


Director, Delivery Stream Engineering at Cox Automotive Inc.

I have worked alongside Joanne for a few years now. She is my "go-to" for advice on how to handle delicate situations. She is able to evaluate a situation without emotion and provide sound advice every time. She recently helped me through a career change involving dozens of interviews and negotiating salary. Her dedication to women's organizations is also impressive since I barely have the time to feed my children after a work day. If you have any questions about your professional value or wondering if you are in the right spot in our short lives, I recommend starting a conversation with Joanne.


Marketing and Brand Strategist

Joanne recently helped kick-off a major career transition and exploration for me. She's a true partner in the process, supporting and valuing all the emotions that come along with career transition. While I entered the process with some direction and thoughts, Joanne knew how to ask all the right, and sometimes difficult, questions to gain the clarity and validation I needed to move forward. Her network of people is remarkable and best of all, she's willing to connect you with them. I look forward to partnering with her again in the future as my career unfolds. She's definitely a woman you want on your team!

Meghan Purvis

Scrum Master,

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then look no further; Joanne's passion for guiding her clients to their goals cannot be matched. Her professionalism and strategic thinking are what drew me to work with her initially, but in addition to that, her kindness, encouragement and drive are what make her an invaluable asset to have in my corner. Joanne really understands how to navigate the business world and after fully grasping my long term goals, she had a plan to get me there. She was able to push me beyond my comfort zone in a way that helped me grow tremendously, both personally and professionally. Working with Joanne has been rewarding on so many levels and I cannot fully express what a pleasure it has been. Do yourself a professional favor and give her a call.


Content Director at Meredith Corp.

Joanne is a great networker and resourceful and wise advisor. Any time I need to make a big decision—hire a senior position (see Danielle Vogl above!), make a major investment—Joanne is my go-to counsel. 

Nora Varhue

Engineer & Educator

I had an amazing time working with Joanne! After 3 years working in a job I had little interest in I reached out to Joanne for help. Joanne helped me sort out all my passions to find a career that really aligned with my values. Her network allowed me to talk to a variety of people in the industry to get a better understanding of what different careers could look like.

Joanne helped me see all the opportunities that were right in front of me. She was my cheerleader. She gave me the support and courage to take those scary steps into the unknown. After three sessions and less then two months Joanne helped me set up a new game plan. I couldn't be more excited! Thanks Joanne!